Feedpro is a complete line of natural feed that ensures for healthy naturally-grown livestock generated by a sustainable livelihood with a positive impact in our community and environment.

With our health and our environment in mind, Feedpro was carefully formulated to be naturally safe and healthy for our pigs. It contains natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals that provide a wholesome nutritious diet for our pigs.

  • Uses natural growth promotants, acidifiers, and additives
  • Has complete vitamins, minerals, and natural ingredients

  • Contains highly digestible plant-based proteins

Pigs fed with our feed gained higher levels of immunity and resistance to diseases without compromise to their fast growth rates and excellent quality of meat. The absence of antibiotics allow for the pigs to be naturally resistant to harmful bacteria that may evolve to be a threat to human health.
  • No antibiotics

  • No mammalian or avian by-products

  • No growth hormones

With pigs fed with Feedpro, we are assured of food that is naturally safe, chemical-free, and completely healthy. Our feed reduces the chances of health care crises and the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to humans. It encourages health protection not just for the pigs, but for us as well.
  • Free from harmful chemicals and residues

  • No spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to humans



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